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Reliving 80s Music at pure 80s pop

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A Web site Dedicated to the UK Pop Music Charts of the 80s! Remembering Eighties Music in the 21st century.

Relive your memories of the decade that gave the world the sound of pop, the unforgettable 80s! Try the interactive quizzes, who where the brit winners?, tell us your top tens or look at our links to all the official bands and artist web sites to find out about those eighties icons. All this and loads more at the ultimate UK tribute to the decade of pop.

Don`t feel you are alone in your yearning to revisit the 80's era,remember you are 1 of 1000's of people who visit here weekly.

This site is regularly updated,always check out the forum which has weekly quizzes and friendly chat.

80's PARTY
Loads of 80s quizzes to have fun with

Having a 80s party and need some help in choosing the music and the look


The official and your top 10 charts of the 80s
Bits and pieces that do not have there own section.

Bits and Pieces quiz based on Radio 1's quiz of the same name which used to be played on the roadshows
1 General 80s Music Quiz
4 different Lyric Quizzes.Can you guess which artist sang which lyric?
Try the quick daily lyric question which can be found in the forum.
2 Real Name Quizzes.These are tough.
Do you know the real names of some 80s stars?
Guess the year quiz: speaks for its self.
Quick site quiz, all answers can be found
around the pages of the site.
One hit wonders`s quiz:Artist`s or group`s that had only one top 20 hit in
the UK charts, and then disappeared.
The lead singers quiz;Who was the lead
singer of a particular group.

Do you remember what the 80s stars looked like?Want to know what to wear? Here's some ideas to help you out
We have selected for you some must have records of the decade to make sure your party hits the right note
View other peoples top 10 songs of the 80s over 1600 to view.
Monthly Charts of the 80s
Submit your top 10 for the world to view instantly
The UK's best selling singles and albums
The top 10 best selling singles and albums from each year of the 80s
Look at how eighties pop stars have aged with "then and now" pictures.
Trivia; small snippets of information for each year of the eighties.
The British Music award winners of
the 80s.
UK No.1's
Info on Various 80s artists
Preference is given to artists not so well known

Reminisce as you remember your favourite number one songs of the eighties.


What musical style were you into in the 80s?

Live Aid properly the greatest musical event of all time.
List the of the bands albums
Small Biography of the artist
1980 - 1989
See how long they stayed at number one and find out if they crossed over to the US charts.
New Romantic, Ska, Dance, what was your preference? Also links to albums of each genre Info about the day
Who was their
Quotes from the stars
Which 80s bands/Artists are still strutting their stuff

Links to artists and bands of the eighties and also links to other eighties related
web sites


Do you share your birthday with a 80s icon?

Got a 80s related question.
Bands and Artists that are or will be touring in the UK
All the latest tour info can be accessed from the calendar
Links to Artists official sites and the best fan sites
including links to available albums to buy
Other 80s sites keeping the vibe alive
Automatically lists the 80s stars birthdays. Post a question on the forum.