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Live Aid - Quotes from the Day

Live Aid


Harvey Goldsmith (Promoter) "If I had stopped to think, I certainly would have said No"
Bob Geldof " If ther`s a problem , you have to go out and solve it "
Phil Collins " Why am I playing at both Wembly and Philadelphia? Because I`m mad that`s why "
Gary Kemp " Usually, when we come off stage, there are people waiting with towels, drinks.Here I fell over and no one gave a toss "
Adam Ant " There are many of my heroes here - people I`ve worshipped from afar "
Midge Ure " If 2 tossers from Ireland and Scotland can get off their butts and do something , maybe other tossers will do the same "
Ozzy Osbourne " I came here to play music, and I didn`t really realize the full extent and magnitude of what it is all about. Now I`m here, it`s the greatest event ever "
Tina Turner " It was the most Electrifying felling being there - no other reason than the cause. I wish I could do even more "
Mike Jagger " I came to play in Philadelphia because of the cause, because of Live Aid, of course. But I also came to have myself a good time. And I`ve sure as hell done That "
Dionne Warwick " They say the entertainment industry can never get together. Fooled them again didn`t we? "
The Pretenders " We Wanted people to stop, to look, to listen and most importantly to help "
Sting " This is what rock and roll is all about. Its an event as much as its music "
Bryan Adams " I`m just proud to be here. I`m a canadian and tears are not enough. Let`s all do what we can for Live Aid "
Judas Priest " The energy is there simply because the event creates such a unique feeling "
Pete Townshend " We always said we`d never play together again. We always meant it. But it would have been kind of difficult not to get together again for this day "
Bob Geldof " I`ve just realized that today is the best day of my life. Now I`m going home to sleep "
Tom Petty " Two minutes before we came on stage, we decided to play `American Girl`, since this is, after all, JFK stadium "
Tony Thomson " I wanted to be part of the cause. When I take the stage, my chance will finally be here "
Eric Clapton " I chose my songs for the show very carefully. I wanted music that would trace my development; I wanted to show my past and then my future, and also what I`m famous for "
Phil Collins " I was in England this afternoon.. funny old world innit "
Jimmy Page " All these bands going on and no one`s overrunning. That`s a statement in itself "
Daryl Hall " What impresses me about today is that people who have a certain amount of sensititiy and artistic tendencies can be heard, and their music can make a difference "
Patti Labelle " I have been blessed in my life and I don`t take my good fortune for granted. That`s what Live Aid is all about "
Mother Theresa " I can`t do what you can do and you can`t do what I can do. But we both have to do it "
Gary Kemp " It went very quickly. The greatest moment of my life, and it just flashed by "
Joan Baez " We will move a little from the comfort of our lives to understand their hurt "