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Lyric Quiz 3

  • The 3rd Lyric Quiz.
  • Guess which artist sang which lyric.
  • All lyrics are from 80`s songs.All have been hits in the UK.
  • Make your choice by checking the radio button on the left hand side of the questions.
  • When complete Press the submit button at the bottom of the page for your score.
    1 People in the park,playing games in the dark
    Michael Jackson
    Lionel Richie

    2 Let me steal this moment from you,now.Come on angel, come on,come on darling.
    Kim wilde
    Kate Bush
    Annie Lennox

    3 Chasing love,up against the sun we are strangers by day,lovers by night
    Stevie Wonder
    Nik Kershaw
    Elton John

    4 For deep in my heart I know that you love me,you love me,because you told me so.
    Alison Moyet
    Gloria Estafan
    Whitney Houston

    5 I made it through the wilderness,somehow I made it through
    Tears for Fears

    6 Gonna hurt your mind,don`t shoot to kill.Come on,come on,lay it on me.
    Michael Jackson
    George Michael
    Paul Young

    7 When we are together,emotion overload in the heat of pleasure.
    Debbie Harry
    Janet Jackson
    Taylor Daine

    8 Do you ever dream of me,do you ever see the letters that I write?
    Bryan Adams
    Phil Collins
    Elton John

    9 Looking in your eyes, I see a paradise
    Fleetwood Mac

    10 My hearts all tangled, my tongue is tied,it's crazy.
    Belinda Carlisle
    Susannah Hoffs
    Debbie Harry

    11 Its gonna take money a whole lot-ta spending money
    Paul McCartney
    George Harrison
    Roy Orbison

    12 I have cried silent tears full of pride in a world made of steel.
    Phyllis Nelson
    Irene Cara

    13 And it don`t matter whatever you do.I made a life out of loving you.
    Mariah Carey
    Dionne Warwick
    Whitney Houston

    14 May be he don`t dress fine,but I don`t really mind.
    Amy Grant
    Denise Williams
    Cyndi Lauper

    15 You left me alone here with nothing to hold
    Neil Diamond
    Neil Sedaka
    Alexander O`Neal

    16 I`ve been wanting to cry,Now I know how it feels for you.
    Howard Jones
    Julian Lennon
    Climie Fisher

    17 I`ve been thinking about my own protection,it scares me to feel this way.
    Chrissie Hynde
    Tina Turner

    18 Walking through streets that mean nothing to you
    Public Image Limited
    Echo and the Bunnymen
    The Style Council

    19 When I first saw you something stirred within me.
    Fun Boy 3
    Orange Juice
    Level 42

    20 All of nature wild and free.This is where I long to be.
    Debbie Gibson
    Design and Questions: Rubikscube

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