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Reliving 80s Music at pure 80s pop

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One Hit Wonder Quiz

  • This quiz is dedicated to a artist or group that had only one top 20 hit in the UK charts, and then disappeared.
  • On the Left hand side are a list of Song Title`s.
  • In the drop down menus are a list Artist`s\Group`s
  • Decide which Artist`s\Group`s goes with which song title.
  • When complete Press the submit button at the bottom of the page for your score.
A Little Peace
One Step Further
French Kiss
Keeping the Dream Alive
Voodoo Ray
Heartache Avenue
Funky Town
Dolce Vita
Its Raining Men
Hole In My Shoe
I`d Rather Jack
Captain of Her Heart
Da Da Da
99 Red Ballons
Move Closer
See The Day
Just Buggin
Every Loser Wins
I`ve Never Been To Me
Design and Questions: Rubikscube

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