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One of the most successful pop acts to emerge in the 1980s, the British group Eurythmics combines the strong, often brooding, vocals and lyrics of Annie Lennox with the pop instrumentation and scoring talents of guitarist Dave Stewart. The duo burst onto the music scene in 1983 with their international hit-debut album, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). And over the next nine years they released a string of hit recordings that demonstrated their trademark fine line between themes of passion and disdain, optimism and angst, and a music style which eventually nestled itself somewhere between New Wave synthesizer pop and American soul. Eurythmicsā€™ compelling, almost at-odds, sound was complemented by their diverse stage and music video personalities, with the dynamic Lennox sporting a chameleon-like array of gender-bending image transformations, and Stewart often off to the side in the role of aloof and absorbed musician. Both the music and image of Eurythmics are reflected in the origins of their name, derived from the Greek term for the art of harmonious body movement.