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Frankie Goes To Hollywood


Frankie Goes To Hollywood was an explosive moment in British pop history , during the mid 1980’s they dominated the UK charts with their provocative high gloss anthems. 1984 kicked off to the sound of “Relax “a hybrid Rock Dance sexual ejaculation that was banned by the BBC. Multiple Remixes of the same Song prolonged it’s sales potential to almost 2 million copies at the time. Two Tribes the nuclear protest song with it’s highly charged political content and The Power Of Love cemented their record breaking run of three number 1 UK Hits. Equalling Gerry and The Pacemakers. However Relax returned to the top 10 in the Summer during The nine week run at Number 1 for Two Tribes and they held the number 1 and 2 position , unheard of since the death of John Lennon. The band toured extensively in the UK , Europe, Japan and the United States and ended with their second album Liverpool a much darker textured second album spawning Rage Hard (number 1 in Germany) and Warriors Of The Wasteland. Their final single Watching The Wildlife did not fare so well and Holly Johnson the Visionary , Voice and principle songwriter left the band at the end of a Europe wide Stadium toor in April 1987