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Gary Numan


Gary Numan was born, Gary Anthony James Webb in Hammersmith, London on 8th of March 1958. His first job was working as a dispatch boy with a courier company at Heathrow where his father worked as a bus driver. His first band was Mean Street who only used him because he had a lot of music gear. He later joined The Lasers where he met Paul Gardiner, and the pair formed The Tubeway Army. The first album (Tubeway Army) was recorded with Gary, Paul and Gary’s uncle (Jess Lidyard) on drums. It was while recording this album that Gary discovered a synthesizer in a recording studio which was being used by his recording company – Beggars Banquet. It was this discovery which prompted Gary to start making music using synths.. His first hit – Are ‘friends’ electric was released in 1979 and reached no. 1 in the British charts. This was followed by Cars which also reached no. 1. Today, 30 years after his first record release, Gary Numan is still recording studio albums and performing live.