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Hazel O’Connor


Talented musician and actress, Hazel O’Connor’s career has been a rollercoaster one. Her breakthrough came in the film Breaking Glass (1980), in which she played a singer struggling to cope within the music industry. Sadly, this was to be the case in her music career as she battled over copyrights and clauses for a number of years. However, her determination persevered and she now happily records and tours with her friend, Carmac De Barra.

Had UK music chart success with hits ‘Will You?’, ‘D-Days’ and ‘Eighth Day’.

In 1980, headlined a U.K. tour featuring a young band called Duran Duran as her opening act. It was this then-unknown Birmingham group’s first U.K. tour and it gave them the exposure needed to secure a recording contract (so Hazel O’Connor helped break one of the biggest groups of the New Wave era).