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Red Box


Red Box are a British pop group founded by Simon Toulson-Clarke and Julian Close. Active from the early 1980s to the present day, they scored two UK top ten hits with the singles “Lean on Me (Ah-Li-Ayo)” in 1985 and “For America” in 1986, both of which were included on their debut album, The Circle & the Square.

Red Box returned briefly in 1990 with the single “Train” and second album Motive and again in 2010 with third album Plenty released in October 2010. The group is now led by singer-songwriter Simon Toulson-Clarke with a third line-up of supporting players.

In February 2019, the band released “This Is What We Came For”, the first single from their fourth studio album Chase the Setting Sun, due for release in September 2019. In July 2019, they released their second single “Gods & Kings”, also from Chase the Setting Sun.