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Look at how eighties pop stars have aged with “then and now”

On the left hand side how they used to look and on the
right how they look now(ish)

Howard Jones

Old Pic kindly donated by

New Pic kindly donated by

Howard Jones 80s
Howard Jones june 2003

Andrew Ridgley(Wham!)

Andrew Ridgely 80s
Andrew Ridgely 90s

Nick Beggs(Kajagoogoo)

These Pic`s kindly donated by

Andrea from Germany

Nick Beggs(Kajagoogoo)
Nick Beggs(90s)

Holly Johnson (FGTH)

Holly Johnson 80s
Holly Johnson 90s

Michael Stipe (REM)

These Pic`s kindly donated by


Michael Stipe 80s
Michael Stipe 90s

Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan 80s
Jason Donovan 90s

Pete Burns (Dead or Alive)

Recent Pic kindly donated by


Pete Burns 80s
Pete Burns 90s

Nik Kershaw

Blank Pic
Nik Kershaw 90s

Sam Fox

Recent Pic kindly donated by


sam fox
sam fox

Marc Almond (Soft Cell)

Blank Pic
Marc Almond 90s

If anyone can supply “then and now” pictures of
80s pop stars I would be most grateful.Full credit would be given.


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