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Lyric Quiz 2

The 2nd Lyric Quiz.Questions a touch harder?
Guess which artist sang which lyric.
All lyrics are from 80`s songs.All have been hits in the UK.
Make your choice by checking the radio button on the left hand side of the questions.
When complete Press the submit button at the bottom of the page for your score.


You're a real Eighties child!
You're either too young or too old!

#1. I ran all night and day

#2. He took a top gun pilot

#3. If they were me and I was you

#4. Is it worth, a new winter coat and shoes for the wife.

#5. If I stayed here, just a little bit longer

#6. Listen to the words that you say, its getting harder to stay

#7. Nobody knows me, but i`m always there.

#8. Trust in the good times,no matter how long it takes

#9. The things you do to stop the truth from hurting you.

#10. Just when I thought I could not be stopped,when my chance came to begin

#11. Heals the sick,he heals the lame

#12. But I Can`t help it,I`m a romantic fool

#13. I`m in this Kitchen,everything is beautiful

#14. Take a look at my face,for the last time.

#15. After the rush has gone,I hope to find a little more time.

#16. I`m looking for someone,someone I know I can count on.

#17. The right to build communities is back behind closed doors

#18. Fate up against your will,through the thick and thin

#19. She lives in a place, In the side of our lives

#20. We got your message on the radio



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