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Lyric Quiz 4

The 4th Lyric Quiz.
Guess which artist sang which lyric.
All lyrics are from 80`s songs.All have been hits in the UK.
Make your choice by checking the radio button on the left hand side of the questions.
When complete Press the finish button at the bottom of the page for your score.


You're a real Eighties child!
You're either too young or too old!

#1. I got a chrysler, it seats about 20.

#2. Chasing love up against the sun.

#3. But now you`re feeling cocky.

#4. Who`s gonna drive you home tonight.

#5. Nothing left to make me feel small.

#6. I wonder if it was a dream

#7. And finally see what it means to be living

#8. You keep me rockin` all of the time.

#9. Four wheels scare the cockatoo`s.

#10. Only you can do what must be done

#11. You make me feel like I am fun again.

#12. I give you all a boy could give you.

#13. I never took the smile away from anyone`s face.

#14. Could it be the whole earth opening wide

#15. He`s dancing his way back to me.

#16. This will be my testimony.

#17. To give you up that easy.

#18. We were cool on cries

#19. When you get so sick of trying.

#20. I Knew it was now or never



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